We are flooded with daily information from all over the world. But where do we get local news? How do we know what is going on two streets from here and where do we vote on what should happen to the empty lot in the center? Even the local newspaper is no longer designed for this small-scale content.

Everybody is local

We are all locally rooted somewhere – no matter how old we are or where we come from. We feel connected to a certain region. Our local center of life, our place of activity, our world – the area that is close to our hearts. In times of digitalization and globalization, this area, which is so important to us, is no longer sufficiently represented. We should use today’s technological possibilities to change that.

local – digital

Lokalportal wants exactly that – to offer your location a platform on the internet. Lokalportal connects all local players with each other and bundles all relevant regional information and current news from your location.

„Lokalportal is actually really easy. Just look out of your front door. We want to provide this local community with a digital platform for their location.“

Marc Leuthardt, Justin J. Hallauer and Sebastian Penthin


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