Everything is new and beautiful!

You have probably already seen it… since a few days Lokalportal has a new look. Our design team has done a great job and repainted Lokalportal.

I talked to Shakeela, our Head of Design – today she tells us what ideas are behind the beautiful new look.

Sabrina: Shakeela, you gave Lokalportal a new look. What has changed?

Shakeela: The platform has become more minimalist, brighter and more open. This should make clear that everyone is welcome in tLokalportal. On the other hand, the new design shows that Lokalportal becomes colourful and alive through the different aspects of communication, diversity, the cohesion of the community on the platform and through our exchange with our users and partners.

Sabrina: Lokalportal has also a new logo. What is the idea behind it?

Shakeela: The Lokalportal logo is our most important and concise brandmark. It stands for diverse content, the diverse users, their user experiences and our community. The communicating houses stand for exchange and communication on the platform and, of course, represent houses in a neighbourhood connected by Lokalportal. The colours symbolize our diversity, each colour represents one of our contents.

Sabrina: What do the three colours of the houses stand for?

Shakeela: Our new fresh main green stands “for you“. Everything that refers to you in the local portal is designed in our main green, because you, our user, are in the focus. With a colour tone from the same colour group, in a bright green we symbolize the “neighbourhood“. Since both are together, they are in one colour group. Why does green stand “for you“ and “neighbourhood“: This is quite simply, green stands for nature, happiness and relaxation. We want you to feel exactly that in your own neighbourhood. We want to give your neighbourhood a digital home. Your content, your town or district are in the focus for us.

The third house in aqua blue stands for “local life“, which means our various sources of knowledge, for example information from you, our partners, local reporters and public users. The aqua blue also contains a green part, because all information refers to the neighbourhood and the blue part stands for the serious and confidential contents.

Sabrina: And the lettering?

Shakeela: The Lokalportal lettering is designed in a dark grey and, in contrast to the houses, in a slightly more inconspicuous colour. We would like to make it clear once again that “neighbourhood“ and “local life“ have a special focus.

Sabrina: But our users can now find even more colours in the filter at the top of Lokalportal.

Shakeela: Exactly, because we offer a broad spectrum of information, almost all colors of a color palette are represented. For clarity we made further thematic subdivisions of the pages. Each subject area has its own colour, so that you can distinguish them faster on the platform. By further picture or video content formats, like e.g. the snapshot, your contents are represented still better.

Thank you very much, Shakeela!

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