What does neighbourhood actually mean?

Dictionaries define neighborhood as “spatial proximity; the immediate environment; a district where people live“. That seems to make sense at least for now. Nevertheless, as soon as you think about it briefly: spatial proximity is not everything.

As neighbours, we name people with whom we somehow come in contact from time to time. Someone you never see is called “neighbor“ in the sense that you call people “known ones“, of whom nothing is known except the name. So neighborhood also means something social, a community. In addition to the spatial component, this usually also includes a temporal one. After all, social closeness usually does not happen overnight.

Of course, this close proximity to the environment is not always perfect – how often do you get annoyed by the noisy lawn mower in your neighbour’s garden early sunday morning or the screaming kid next door in the middle of the night.
Nevertheless – we live in neighbourhoods and not alone.

Neighbourhood is an important issue for our society, as reflected for example in many films: In the science fiction film “Avatar“, the peoples argue about their new, unfamiliar neighbourhood and the series “Friends“ shows the crazy neighbourly coexistence of a circle of friends.

Although spatial proximity produces many conflict situations, we have always moving towards it.


Probably because we have learned how many positive sides it can have to nicely living side by side: mutual help, short nice conversations, spontaneous evenings together or that
typical borrowed tool.
Especially in our ever-changing society, it seems that the neighbourhood should be more relevant. Because even if we have the opportunity to reduce the size of the world through the internet and other inventions, we also have the opportunity to increase our direct spatial environment and contacts via the internet to deepen them.

At Lokalportal, we believe that neighbours are an important and very beautiful social community and want to use our platform to provide a basic exchange opportunity for you and your direct environment … rather praise than complaint about your neighbors!

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