A divine boot camp

Lokalportal is constantly growing and changing – you notice that again and again, especially when you are surprised by such big changes as our new design. Of course, there is a lot of work and creativity behind these innovations for us. To show you how we achieve our goals for a better and better local portal with new and improved features, we would like to tell you about our one week boot camp in Greece.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly in Lokalportal and that all features are available to you at all times, a strong development team is needed, among other things.

Appointments and meetings in everyday office life, however, do not always make it easy to reach goals quickly. So how should all tasks be accomplished and new colleagues trained at the same time? Without further ado, our colleagues packed their bags and flew to a beautiful, quiet house in Greece. A boot camp in the land of the gods? It just had to work.

When everyone had settled in the temporary Greek home, they made a plan for the week. The goal was to plan as little as possible and as much as necessary to avoid distractions. They made a sprint plan and distribute responsibilities within the team. On the last day they went on a trip to Athens as a reward for reaching all goals.

There was a tight daily routine: a crisp meeting in the morning a to discuss the daily tasks and goals, in the afternoon, if necessary a small intermediate meeting and a final meeting in the evening of the working day.

Meals were not planned, but it worked out well that everyone met for breakfast. Lunch was usually eaten together in the surrounding bistros while talking about the current status of the tasks.

After the evening meeting they always ate together and afterwards they often played Nintendo Switch. But it was not just playing in the evening that created a balance to the working boat camp – Marc also had a little surprise boat trip for his team.

Within one week, the team was not only able to achieve all goals, but also to exchange a lot of knowledge among each other, get to know the new colleagues and strengthen the cohesion.

Since at the end of the boot camp all tasks could be checked and everyone could be satisfied, on the last day there was the trip to Athens as promised.

Conclusion: All goals were reached, the Bootcamp was a great success and brought the team closer together!


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